0 Units Needed for Degree Completion

In addition to excess Foundations, Computing, Markets, Trading & Portfolio Management, and Machine Learning & Algorithms courses, the cross-department courses listed below may also count towards the Elective requirement. 

Winter Quarter
FINM 33170 - Financial Statistics: Time Series, Forecasting, Mean Reversion & High Frequency Data (100 units)

Spring Quarter
*BUSN 41201: Big Data (100 units)
*MSCA 31006: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting (100 units)
STAT 32950: Mutivariate Statistical Analysis (100 units)

Summer Quarter
FINM 31400 - Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts (100 units)

Autumn Quarter
FINM 35000 - Topics in Economics (100 units)

* A maximum of 100 units from Booth and 100 units from MSCA may count towards the FINM degree.

Both course offerings and dates listed are for the 2022-23 year and subject to change for future years