Career Seminar

Career Seminar (FINM 38500) supplements coursework in Financial Mathematics by providing professional development programming focused on career exploration and training for a variety of skills required by top employers. Offered quarterly, this course supports students in increasing their readiness to compete in the job market.

Through Career Seminar, students accomplish the following objectives:

  • Gain familiarity with the quant finance job market and career opportunities, while building and refining their internship/job search strategy.
  • Polish application materials and strengthen interviewing skills.
  • Increase professionalism and networking skills to engage effectively with employers, alumni, and other professionals.

student presentation

As part of Career Seminar, students attend a variety of sessions:

  • Employer treks, information sessions, and industry talks.
  • Workshops focused on career topics, including network skills, resumes and cover letters, and job search strategies.
  • Alumni panels and roundtables to share advice and insights with students.
  • Practice Labs with small groups to focus on improving a particular skill, like behavioral and technical interviewing.
  • One-on-one meetings with a career advisor to complete mock interviews and address specific career support needs.

student presentation

Grading for FINM 38500 in Pass/Fail, and students who are not seeking an internship or full-time position may be waived from Career Seminar with approval by the Career Development Office.