The University of Chicago Financial Mathematics alumni make up a worldwide network of leaders in the quantitative finance field.  As vital members of the FinMath community, our alumni continue to make their mark on the Program through engaging with and helping current and future students.  At the same time, we are here to continue supporting our alumni in achieving their career goals, staying competitive in the job market and navigating career changes.

2019 FinMath Alumni Conference

Engaged alumni play a critical role in sustaining and strengthening the FinMath Program.  We have numerous opportunities for you to connect with students and share your experiences.  Below are a few ways to get involved, either in-person or virtually:

  • Join a panel to discuss a specific career path or offer insight on developments within the quant industry
  • Help students prepare for industry interviews by participating in technical interview workshops
  • Participate in roundtable Q&A discussions with small groups of students 
  • Deliver a technical talk or guest lecture
  • Host a site visit or come with colleagues on campus to deliver an information session about your firm
  • Connect with students via email or LinkedIn to offer advice, review resumes, and share tips
  • Become an Industry Perspective in Residence (IPR) for an academic quarter

If you’re interested in any of these activities, or other ways of engaging with students, please Contact Career Development to discuss your interests and identify the best fit.

You know firsthand that FinMath graduates are equipped with the skills and talents needed to make immediate impacts on the industry. If you're looking to add a new intern or full-time team member, the Career Development Office can help connect you with outstanding candidates.  Learn about all of the different ways you can Hire FinMath!

Are you working on a research project that could benefit from the quantitative skills of FinMath students and faculty? Consider leading a Project Lab. Each quarter, small teams of 3-5 students collaborate under the guidance of a FinMath instructor on quantitative research projects with companies worldwide.  Many employer project labs are led by alumni, allowing them to reconnect with the Program and its resources.  To learn more, review the Project Lab Company Guide.

Are you preparing for the next move in your career? The Career Development Office can offer advice on job search strategies, networking, resume writing, and more! Contact our office to Request an Appointment.

Please keep your email contact info up to date, so we can share alumni events, job postings, and FinMath news with you. We would also love to hear from you about exciting changes in your life! Did you recently begin a new job? Have you relocated? Let’s keep in touch through the Alumni Update Form.

FinMath alums not only form strong connections with each other but also belong to the larger University of Chicago alumni community. Stay connected through the FinMath program's LinkedIn page and the official FinMath Alumni LinkedIn page and make sure we have your updated contact information to receive networking event announcements.  You can also visit the UChicago Alumni Association Directory to connect with FinMath and other UChicago alumni working in the industry.

If you need to order a transcript, please review the UChicago Registrar’s Office request process.  The Registar’s Office also handles Degree Verifications and requests for Replacement Diplomas.