FINM 31200

Blockchain and Cryptoassets for Finance

Autumn Quarter
Instructors: Brian Boonstra, William Cottrell, and Christopher Ellison

Since before the invention of reeding for the edges of coins technology has been closely involved with money.  The rise of cryptotokens and associated cryptocurrencies is the latest manifestation of their entanglement.

This class is aimed at understanding crypto from the point of view of finance professionals.  We will study some of the basic concepts in crypto, and then quickly move on to the world of smart contracts and emissions, cryptotokens' analogs to derivatives and interest-bearing securities. 

Week 1: Introduction and Blockchain Architectures
Week 2: Smart Contracts
Week 3: Smart Contracts and Tokenomics
Week 4: Tokenomics
Week 5: Trading

This course counts towards the Financial Computing concentration.