Joint BX/MS Program

Application Requirements
Application Deadlines
BX/MS Degree Requirements
Course Guidelines
Course Planning

Application Requirements

All applicants must meet standard pre-requisites and admission requirements for the MSFM program, including successful completion of at least multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and probability.

Application Deadlines (Rolling)

Joint in 4 Years

Undergraduate students who will complete all general education requirements, and all but three or fewer of their BX requirements by the start of their 4th year can complete the joint BX/MSFM in 4 years.  On this path, students begin predominantly taking MSFM courses at the start of their 4th year.  Applications are due by the end of week 4 of Winter Quarter of the student’s 3rd year with decisions granted by the end of week 6 of Winter Quarter.

Joint in 5 Years

College students who enter their 4th year with four or more BX requirements remaining may benefit from the 5th -year option. On this path, students begin predominantly taking MSFM courses in Winter or Spring quarter of their 4th year.  Application deadlines are as follows.

(begin predominantly taking MSFM courses Winter Quarter of 4th year)

Applications are due by the end of week 4 of Summer Quarter prior to the student’s 4th year with decisions granted by week 6 of Summer Quarter.

(begin predominantly taking MSFM courses Spring Quarter of 4th year)

Applications are due by the end of week 4 of Autumn Quarter of the student’s 4th year with decisions granted by week 6 of Autumn Quarter.

BX/MS Degree Requirement

Students in the joint program are required to successfully complete 1250 units, following the standard curriculum requirements for the MSFM, toward which up to 300 units of 200-level courses may count, following the course guidelines below.

Course Guidelines

Given the interdisciplinary nature of quantitative finance and the MSFM, there are a variety of College courses that may be counted towards the MSFM.  This list is not all-inclusive and is meant to serve as a guide (3) to prospective students, college advisors, and the MSFM program advisor (Assistant Director for Student Services).  Additional courses will be considered, with petition to the MSFM Program Director.  Petitions should be coordinated through the MSFM program advisor.

The following courses automatically count towards the MSFM:

BUSN 20820 (or BUSN 20820) Financial Econometrics
CMSC 27502 Advanced Algorithms
CMSC 25700. Natural Language Processing
ECON 21030 Econometrics - Honors
ECON 21200 Time Series Econometrics
MATH 23500 Markov Chains, Martingales, and Brownian Motion
MATH 21200 Advanced Numerical Analysis
STAT 24410 Statistical Theory and Methods
STAT 22400 Applied Regression Analysis               
STAT 24620 Multivariate Statistical Analysis: Applications and Techniques
STAT 27400 Nonparametric Inference

Additional 200 and 300 level+ courses from any department on the topics of Machine Learning, Data Science, Scientific Computing, Statistical Estimation, Numerical Methods, and Stochastic Processes, subject to MSFM Program Director approval.

Course Planning

Students accepted into the joint program should closely work with their college advisors and submit their course plans for the 200-level units they plan to count to the MSFM program advisor at least one week prior to the course registration deadline for their matriculating quarter.  Students will also map the remaining MSFM units/course plan with the MSFM advisor at that time.

Any changes to the initial course plan must be communicated immediately in writing to the MSFM advisor.