Jeff Greco

Jeff Greco has worked in the financial industry since 1995. His career has focused on quantitative research and analysis, risk management, and trading strategy development. Currently, Jeff is a Portfolio Manager with Milliman Financial Risk Management LLC, the leading provider of risk management services to the retirement investment industry. He researches hedging methodologies, volatility and return distributions, and implements managed risk strategies on market portfolios. Prior to Milliman, he worked at Citadel as a Risk Management Professional, at Deutsche Bank as Senior Quantitative Strategist, at Bluehaven Management Group as Principal, at Bank of America as Senior Research Analyst, at Deerfield Capital Management as Senior Research Associate, and at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter as Assistant Vice President. He holds an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Chicago and an MS & BS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University. Jeff has taught Fixed Income Derivatives with the Financial Mathematics program since 2002.