Gina Pieters

Gina Pieters is a visitor from the University of Chicago Department of Economics where she teaches a broad array of economics courses, and an honorary non-visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) where she is the co-chair of the Emergent Money Systems group. 

Pieters’ cryptocurrency research primarily focuses on their use and implication as a globally traded alternative to national currencies or assets. This incorporates aspects such as exchange rates, capital controls, and their relationship to the existing global financial and monetary system (including Central Bank Digital Currency), especially focusing on the unique properties that follow from decentralization in this space. Within the decentralization context, she has written additional papers on the taxation implications of forking chains, and the evolution of governance practices in blockchain-based projects. She has been interviewed by various media outlets, including NPR, BBC, CBC, and Coindesk, and has given both academic and non-academic talks. She has also won multiple teaching awards.

Pieters earned a MA & Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Minnesota. Additionally, she holds a B.A. Economics (highest honors) and a B.S. Physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.