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Eric Nie


Eric Nie is the President of the FinMath Trading Club. He will graduate from the Financial Mathematics program at the University of Chicago in December 2017. Eric received his B.A. in Economics and B.S. in Actuarial Science with distinction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to joining the program, Eric has worked on the trading floor at the Chicago Board Options Exchange as a junior equity option sales trader for a Chicago-based broker-dealer company. He has also interned with Citigroup in the sales and trading summer program and with a Chicago-based commodities option trading firm as a quantitative analyst. His career interests are in trading and investment banking.

Riddhi Chaknalwar


Riddhi is the Vice President of the FinMath trading club. She graduated from the University of Warwick with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics. In due course of her degree, she developed a strong interest for financial markets and interned on the FX & Rates options desks at Barclays.

Aabbhas Garg


Aabbhas Garg is a Public Relations officer of the Trading club and a graduate student in the Financial Mathematics program at the University of Chicago. As an event coordinator, Aabbhas helps organize workshops and other events hosted by the trading club. Additionally, as a public relations officer, he assists in building and maintaining valuable relationships with employers. Prior to the program, Aabbhas worked as a Financial Analyst in the global markets team at Barclays Bank in Mumbai, India after completing his dual degree program in chemical engineering and MBA in technology management. He is passionate about trading and hopes to learn more about it while promoting the trading club and its agenda!

Aaron Blogg


Aaron is a is a Public Relations officer of the Trading club. He graduated from the University of Florida where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in physics. During his undergraduate career he also developed a passion for teamwork and interpersonal problem solving through his involvement with social organizations on campus. Aaron hopes to use these passions and skills to encourage other students to accompany him in learning more about the applications of quantitative techniques in trading.

Mengxi (Vivian) Wang


Vivian is a the Event Coordinator of the Trading Club and she is responsble for alumni outreach. Vivian is a first year Financial Mathematics student at the University of Chicago. She graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a dual degree in Financial and Accountancy, and a minor in Mathematics. Vivian has professional expereince in corporate valuation and investment banking, and now she wants to explore career opportunities in the financial market.

Yuyang Nie


Yuyang is the Market Insight Editor of the Trading Club. She will graduate in Dec 2017. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia with double major in Mathematics and Economics, Minor in Statistics. With strong interests in capital markets, Yuyang has internship experiences in investment banking, auditing and commercial banking. She also works toward CFA program and FRM program. Her career interest is in asset management, trading and risk management. At trading club, Yuyang is responsible for market newsletter and company outreach.

Yu (Jason) Cang


Yu (Jason) is the Secretary of the Trading Club. He is currently a master of science candidate in Financial Mathematics program of UChicago. Before that, he obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from Tsinghua University. Yu has professional experiences in both primary and secondary market. Now he has a keen interest in quantitative trading and analysis. And also, Yu has plenty of hobbies, such as playing Contract Bridge, Texas Hold'em Poker and Table Tennis.

Takuya Otani


Takuya is the Webmaster of the Trading Club and a Financial Mathematics graduate student at The University of Chicago. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics and master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Kyoto University in Japan, and his study focused on machine learning and complex networks. Prior to joining the program, he worked as a financial engineer for more than six years in Tokyo, Japan, having specialized in interest-rate derivative products. Please feel free to email him with any ideas, questions or concerns you may have.