Student Board

Student Board

The Financial Mathematics Student Board was founded by the Class of 2015. With the support of the Director, Associate Director, and Career Development Office, the Student Board strives to improve the Financial Mathematics Program. Functions of the Student Board include, but are not limited to:

●  Acting as an intermediary between students and staff
●  Supporting professional development (e.g. through technical interview sessions)
●  Volunteering at Financial Mathematics Program sponsored professional events
●  Assisting the Career Development Office with alumni relations
●  Helping new Financial Mathematics students transition into their first quarter with all aspects of the Financial Mathematics Program, as well as living in Chicago
●  Organizing social events on and off campus during the Program

Megan Bastuba

Megan Bastuba.jpg

Megan graduated as a Presidential Scholar from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Economics.  With an initial interest in engineering as an undergraduate, she transitioned into finance with an internship at Goldman Sachs, where she was exposed to the futures markets.  She has a passion for teamwork and working with students and faculty to innovate and enhance the program.

Aaron Blogg

Aaron Blogg.jpg

Aaron graduated from the University of Florida where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in physics. During his undergraduate career he also developed a passion for teamwork and interpersonal problem solving through his involvement with social organizations on campus. Aaron joined the student board in an effort to promote collaboration between students towards the goal of improving the Financial Mathematics program.

Yongshuai Michael Chen

Yongshuai Chen.jpg

Michael will graduate from the Financial Mathematics Program at the University of Chicago in December 2017. Prior to the program, he worked as researcher and engineer in aerospace industry after earning his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University. He has experience in scientific computing, data analysis and numerical simulation of engineering problems in different fields, such as oceanography, aerospace, forestry ecosystem and new energy. He is highly interested in transferring his engineering skills and pivoting to a career in quantitative finance.  

Rajat Kathuria

Rajat Kathuria.jpg

Rajat obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Delhi University. Before joining the Financial Mathematics program, Rajat was working as a quant researcher with the Market Risk (methodology) team at Morgan Stanley. Earlier, he had worked as a data scientist with boutique analytics consulting firms. Over the years, he has developed a keen interest in quantitative trading. As a student board member, he is eager to hear from students with ideas for improvements to the program, as well as from prospective students with admission queries.

Yannan Nancy Li

Nancy Li.jpg

Nancy received her B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Bryn Mawr College in 2016. She has internship experiences in both investment banking and sales and trading. Her career interests are mainly in sales and trading, as well as investment management. Outside of school and work, Nancy enjoys traveling and skiing. 

Yixuan Julia Liu

Julia Liu.jpg

Julia graduated from Imperial College London in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with Statistics for Finance. Julia is interested in technology, FMCG and sustainable development, and she is hoping to pursue a career in investment banking and quantitative analysis.

Chuqi Qiu

Chuqi Qiu.jpg

Chuqi received her B.S. in Joint Mathematics & Economics from University of California, San Diego. She completed her undergraduate degree in three years and worked as a project analyst after graduation. Chuqi also has previous internship experiences in economics and private equity investment research, which lead to her future career interests in asset management and private equity. 

Satyajit Sarangdhar

Satyajit Sarangdhar .jpg

Satyajit is currently in his first year of the program.  After earning a Master of Electrical Engineering degree at NC State, he worked for several years as an electrical engineer for Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric. During this time he developed an interest in quantitative finance after exploring the subject via online courses.  He enjoyed it so much that he decided to change careers.  His main interests lie in quantitative analysis as well as portfolio and risk management. 

Apoorv Tandon 

Apoorv Tandon.jpg

Apoorv graduated from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Prior to joining the MSFM Program, Apoorv was working as analyst in Prime Services division at Credit Suisse. His career interests are in quantitative analysis, research and modeling. 

Haohui Tong

Haohui Tong.jpg

Haohui graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics with a major in Finance. He had exchange experience at Audencia Business School in France. Prior to the University of Chicago, Haohui was working as a member of the Investment Banking team at Guotai Junan Securities and Industrial Securities. He has also had internship experiences at Citi, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and China Asset Management Company. Haohui is interested in pursuing a career in investment banking and private equity after graduation.

Mengxi Vivian Wang

Mengxi Wang.jpg

Vivian received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Vivian has professional experience in corporate valuation and investment banking, and now she wants to explore career opportunities in the financial market. She is excited to begin life in Chicago and bring students exciting social and professional networking events.