Student Board

Student Board

The Financial Mathematics Student Board was founded by the Class of 2015. With support of the Director, Associate Director, Student Services and CDO, it is dedicated to ensuring future alumni thrive in their endeavors. Functions of the Student Board include:

1. Strengthen the community bonds among current students through the organization of a variety of social events. 
2. Organize specialty interest workshops to complement the offerings of CDO.
3. Act as an interface between students and program staff conveying feedback and advice. 

Jiefu Luo (President)

Jiefu Luo.jpg

Jiefu received a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Southern California. Following his graduation, he worked as a Portfolio Analyst at Ares Management in Los Angeles. In the long run, Jiefu hopes to pursue a career in sales and trading. By joining the Student Board, Jiefu aims to improve the student experience and share his passion for markets with the class.    

Howard Du (Vice President)

Howard Du.jpg

Howard graduated from the Math & Business Double Degree program at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Prior to joining the University of Chicago, he worked as an analyst at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto. During his free time, Howard likes to play basketball and watch the NBA.

Zejia Zoe Guo (Director of Finance)

Zejia Guo.jpg

Zejia received her B.S. from Emory University with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked as a research analyst to track investments in the APAC region. Zejia also has previous internship experiences in economic research and business intelligence, which led to her career interests in investment research.

Chunchun Angela Gu (Director of Public Relations)

Chunchun Gu.jpg

Angela graduated from the Goizueta Business School of Emory University with a double degree in Finance and Accounting. Prior to the University of Chicago, Angela was working in a private equity firm focusing on real estate investment. She also has internship experiences in alternative investments including private equity and venture capital. 

Qianyu Sherry Sun (Director of Public Relations)

Qianyu Sun.jpg

Sherry graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics. Before joining the FinMath program, Sherry had internship experience in hedge funds and asset management. Her career interest is mainly in quantitative finance. As a student board member, she is eager to promote connections between students and get their feedback to improve the program.

Yuan Mia Yuan (Director of Event Management)

Yuan Yuan.jpg

Mia graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Actuarial Mathematics and a minor in Accounting. Mia has internship experiences in equity research and actuarial pricing. She is interested in pursuing a career in asset management and quantitative analysis. As a student board member, she looks forward to collaborating with the team to bring new experiences to the Financial Mathematics program.

Rupak Gupta (Director of Event Management)

Rupak Gupta.jpg

Rupak graduated from Delhi University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.  For 3 years, he traded agricultural commodities at Chicago Board of Trade. Later, he actively managed a portfolio in Indian equity markets. Before joining the Valuations Control team of Credit Suisse, he also completed a post-graduate executive program in Financial Markets. During his role as Analyst at Credit Suisse, Rupak developed interest in the valuations of financial instruments. Consequently, he aspires to work as a quant developer. He is available for prospective students to answer any questions about the program. 

Zhaoyuan Sam Qin (Director of Event Management)

Zhaoyuan Qin.jpg

Sam graduated with an Outstanding Graduate Award from Peking University with a Bachelor of Economics in Finance and an additional major in Applied Mathematics. He founded two finance-related organizations as an undergrad and previous internship experience in asset management, assurance, and global banking. Now, his main interest lies in quantitative analysis of securitized products.

Marco Ambriz (Director of Market Insights)

Marco Ambriz .jpg

Marco grew up in Las Vegas. He completed his undergraduate degree in New England and most recently worked for a large asset management firm in Southern California. Initially he studied electrical engineering and computer science, but soon after found the worlds of finance and economics to be more exciting. In joining the student board, Marco hopes to ensure that his colleagues share the same level of excitement towards the global financial markets.