Software License

Software License

The Financial Mathematics program does not provide any software licenses to students. Software required for FinMath courses are available on lab computers. 

Online Student Software Lab (vLab)

vLab is a remote desktop computing environment for students to use in their coursework. The environment includes Matlab, ArcGIS, SPSS, R, Stata, and Mathematica. 

You must be on campus to use the vLab service. To access vLab from a computer, point a Remote Desktop client to: For Windows users, Remote Desktop Connection is part of the default Windows OS installation and is most often found in the Accessories area. MacOS users should download the application from the Mac App Store

See the following article for a complete list of software available on vLab.

Site Licensed Software for Students

The University offers site licensed software for students, including Microsoft Office and Windows. See a complete list of software here.


The University’s Licensing Office has made MATLAB available to enrolled students for free. The license comes with 48 MATLAB Toolboxes that you can find here. Once the license is provisioned, it expires on September 30th of that academic year. If you are a returning student in the fall, you can reapply for a license for the new academic year on October 1st, but not earlier. 
Students may request a license here.

Since the academic license expires at the end of every academic year, you may want to purchase a student version of Matlab from MathWorks for $99 at, while you're a student. Please note that the student version does not contain all of the Matlab toolboxes that are available on FinMath lab computers. The additional toolboxes are available for purchase with a student discount at