Living in Chicago

Living in Chicago

Hyde Park

The University of Chicago is located on Chicago’s South Side in the neighborhood of Hyde Park. Just minutes away from downtown Chicago, it has been heralded as one of the most successfully integrated neighborhoods in the United States. It has been home to President Barack Obama, Senator Carol Elizabeth Moseley Braun, and Muhammad Ali.

Prized for its close proximity to the beautiful coastlines of Lake Michigan, and for its family friendly atmosphere, Hyde Park offers a multitude of attractions to satisfy a wide-variety of tastes and interests. Residents enjoy the security of a safe atmosphere saturated with a rich cultural legacy. With its multitude of outdoor festivals and artistic and theatrical performances, Hyde Park hosts visitors from all corners of the world.

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Residential Services

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Health Services

Health insurance is mandatory for all registered students at the University of Chicago. All students are automatically enrolled in the University’s U-SHIP Basic or Prescription Advantage program, but can waive enrollment by providing evidence of comparable health insurance coverage.

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The Student Health Center at the University of Chicago provides basic health care for all registered students. All registered students are entitled to general services, which are funded by the quarterly Student Life Fee. Additional services are dependent on each individual’s health insurance coverage.

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